Property Taxes

Council has made some important changes to the future of your property taxes!! First, even though the Provincial Gov't has eliminated 10K in money coming to the village, the MILL RATE will be staying the same as last year!! Prior council had changed the deadline from December to June beginning in 2018, HOWEVER, THAT HAS BEEN CHANGED AND WILL REVERT BACK To the usual December deadline, with some alterations! DISCOUNTED TAXES has been reinstated with changes. The Discount will apply as follows:

3% Discount to JULY 31, 2017.

1% Discount to August 31st 2017.

0% Discount or penalty to Sept.30th 2017

1% PENALTY to OCT. 31st 2017

3% PENALTY to NOV. 30th 2017

5% PENALTY to DEC. 31st 2017

That schedule will repeat itself, but there will be an additional 5% DISCOUNT in 2018 to JUNE 30TH 2018.

Waste Management / Removal

*As a result of changes implemented by the Provincial Ministry of Environment, the public works staff are NO LONGER PERMITTED to give out keys to the transfer station(landfill). Residents are encouraged to contact the village office to make arrangements to deliver their refuse to the transfer station. We will arrange to have someone from the Public works staff meet you at a pre-arranged time. Fees are charged to take refuse to the refuse area are set as a cost recovery ($50 per half ton load - you load and unload). The bins are rented and dumped by our contractor on a regular basis. Residents are urged to recycle. A blue bin is set up at #9 Main Street (The empty lot next to the Butcher Block). Please ensure cardboard is broken down before placing into the bin. **Any Illegal dumping will be referred to the RCMP**

Utility Bills - Online Banking

*A friendly reminder that your Utility Bill is due 30 days after you receive it. A 10% penalty will be automatically applied to any payment received after the DUE DATE. Currently the Village of Theodore has online banking arrangements with the Cornerstone Credit Union, Bank of Montreal, Scotiabank, and TD Canada Trust. When making a payment online please allow 3 business days to process the payment. We are working with other financial institutions to allow online payments and will keep you posted as we add more institutions.

**Utility Billing - Landlord / Tenant**

Due to increasing issues with tenants in rental houses not paying their final bills, Council has chosen to proceed under section 369 of the Municipalities Act, and apply any outstanding utility billing owed by the tenant to the tax roll of the land owner. If you are a landowner who rents housing, please contact the Village Office for further information.


The Village of Theodore is committed to a safe workplace. A reminder to all residents that workplace harassment will not be tolerated. The Village of Theodore will take all reasonable steps to prevent harassment and stop it, if it occurs.


Special Council Meetings

- Can take place at any time as determined by council, look for postings on here or at the Village office for dates.

Regular Council Meetings

- Take place now on the 3rd Wednesday of every month, unless notified. Next scheduled meeting is Nov. 15th, 2017 @ 7pm

- The Village of Theodore town council meetings are always open to the public. Anyone wanting to make a presentation to council must fill out a delegation form at least 48 hrs prior to council meeting. The Delegation to Council form is intended to provide a consistent and fair process for all residents to bring forward issues or concerns to council members. You can download the form at the link on the Village office page


-Water Meter Readings will be recommencing! Expect to see our Public Works Team coming around so be sure to welcome them! They will be inspecting meters, doing accuracy testing and our utility program will be adjusted to match the proper units to your meter. This is to ensure safety for all the residents as well as minimize lost revenue for the village.

- 2017 will see a change to the monthly garbage pickup by Ottenbreit Sanitation. Instead of a pickup every 10 days, it will be changing to a pickup ON TUESDAYS every 14 days. This will be a significant saving to the Village! We are also looking at a future set up for a Residential Recycling Pickup schedule. Once we have more details we will be having an information meeting for the whole village at the Hall. Stay tuned for more details!

***PLEASE RESPECT YOUR NEIGHBORS. There are noise bylaws for the Village, there are Pet bylaws for the village and there are Traffic/Recreational Vehicle bylaws for the Village. If you are having issues, please contact our rural detachment of the RCMP.


Dogs and Cats continue to be a problem. Fines have been issued for some and council is planning on updating the animal bylaws, but until that time we ask that all dogs in the village be registered. Currently if your 'at large dog' goes missing, check with the village office as we will be holding them briefly before they are taken to the SPCA. Cats are also causing some issues, and for those who are trapping them please treat them with the utmost kindness and respect. Take them to the SPCA if they are causing you grief and speaking with the owner has been unsuccesful.

**The Village of Theodore welcomes our new administrator, Lyndon Stachoksi. Be sure to say 'hi' and welcome him to Theodore on your next visit to the office.

**The Village of Theodore welcomes our new full time TOWN FOREMAN, Dwayne Tobin. You'll see him around town carrying out his duties so don't be shy and say 'hi' when you meet up!

- If anyone would like a news posting placed on the website kindly drop us an email and we will post it once it has been reviewed. Email: