This is your page, for those questions you've been asking the most!

Email us a question, or drop off a question to the Village Office during business hours, or contact one of the councillors! We will do our best to answer every question you may have, and please be patient in case we need to research a particular inquiry. Please do not submit distasteful, or inappropriate material. All questions will be reviewed by council before being posted.

1. Question:

Was any research done by council prior to putting up the new 'Stop' signs recently within Theodore?


A petition had been put together by a number of residents who had requested stop signs be placed on Yorkton Ave. to slow the traffic down. The signs had been purchased a couple years ago shortly after the petition had been submitted to the council at the time. Due to a number of inquiries as to why we needed more stop signs, we have recently looked into the validity of these signs to make sure they were up to provincial standards. The information was difficult to come by but we have finally had the local detachment of the RCMP provide us with the proper information we were looking for. The new 'STOP' signs do not meet village requirements and are not necessarily needed within the village limits. Council will be amending the traffic bylaw in short order and these signs will be removed shortly thereafter.

2. Question:

Why aren't bylaws being enforced?


At the present time we don't have any group, or individual to 'Enforce' the bylaws put forth by council. At the present time we rely on the public adhering to our bylaws and with the added information sources available to the public we hope it will help in keeping everyone educated and informed on what you can and cannot do. Possibly in the future council will look at hiring an individual or company to enforce the bylaws.

3. Question:

Could we not use White Spruce for more jobs around the village?


We are definitely looking at this option for other jobs around the village. There are certain things we can't use them for due to Occupational Health and Safety concerns, but we are hoping we can use them for other tasks where there is no OH&S concerns. We have contacted them and will move forward with a plan after consulations.

4. Question:

Why is the water pressure not better?


Due to our aged infrastructure in locations around the village we can't risk increasing the pressure that may cause the older pipes to burst, causing waterline breaks and therefore a massive increased cost of replacing these lines. Council is in agreement on replacing these old water lines in the next few years. Once the lines have been brought up to the required standard, we will increase the water pressure. It will take several years to finish this task, but we will eventually reach the finish line in this regard.

5. Question:

Why can't we dump our old appliances and furniture at the dump anymore? And why is there a fee to dump there?


The changing Provincial Government regulations have affected all landfill sites throughout Saskatchewan. Because of Environment concerns with many items having been dumped into landfill sites for years regulations are now in effect to stop this practice and protect the environment, and in turn, the people affected by what could happen to contamination of the land surrounding landfill sites. An example of contamination would be the ground water. If certain chemicals/compounds in some appliances should leak into the soil, that in turn could filter into the ground water and therefore making the drinking water in the affected area unsafe, and unfit for human consumption. All provincial and federal governments have implemented recycling programs to properly dispose of things like appliances, old electronics and so on. This is to keep these products from landfill sites, and to keep the environment healthy for all of us. The fee we charge at the landfill site is to offset costs the village incurs when we need to have the garbage bin we use out there emptied. We are recovering our costs to use this bin.

6. Question:

Why are there 'In Camera' discussions?


'In Camera' sessions are because of privacy issues that cannot be public. Names could be brought up, and matters pertaining to these particular individuals or businesses and this is not something that can be discussed in an open forum. There are privacy regulations in place from both Provincial and Federal governments that we must adhere to. While council is 'In Camera' NO Motions can be made, only discussions. All Motions must be in a public forum, which makes council's accountable to everything they do.

7. Question:

What is being done to address the drainage issues within the village?


Council had a survey done by Assiniboine Water Shed to determine the best options to alleviate the drainage problems throughout the village. The plan was thorough and offered a number of options to consider. Council has begun the process of seeking 'Easements' from a number of residents where we hope to do some work to begin proper drainage of a number of areas throughout the village. Why did we get Assiniboine watershed to do the survey? Because we have to follow proper procedures legally. They are the required authority to design, and recommend proper draining options. We cannot simply dig a ditch anywhere we want. All proper legal avenues must be done in order before any digging can be done. Once all proper procedures are followed we can begin the draining process and hopefully not too far down the line, all the issues of sitting water will be addressed.

8. Question:

Is research being done into available government grants?


Yes. We are always looking, and applying for any number of grants at any given time. We don't always get approved for these grants, but we will keep trying to apply for any grant option that is open to us. We are going to look into other grant options from various corporations that have grant offers. These are harder to find because they aren't always promoted by these companies. We'll do our best to seek out any new revenue stream that could help our village.

9. Question:

Has any research been done to improve roads in the village besides gravel?


At this time the cost to pave the roads is astronomical and not a viable option for the village. While gravel is not perfect, it is far easier to maintain and more cost efficient. Council will always look for grants that may pertain to fixing roads, but our infrastructure is our main priority at this time. We have water lines that need replacing, and drainage issues to fix. Once these have been addressed we can turn our focus to getting our roads possibly re-paved in the future.

10. Question:

Tax Increases?


Taxes will naturally increase over time due to increasing costs to operate the village. Not having a tax increase over a period of years can be disastrous to a municipality! The objective of any council should be to do a small increase over time as opposed to one massive jump in taxes which is never a good thing, but often happens when councils fail to plan ahead. There was NO tax increase for Theodore residents in 2015, and a marginal increase in 2016. Looking ahead to 2017 this will be difficult to gauge due to 2017 being an Assessment year, and the village making the effort to get multiple lots condensed to 'ONE' Tax bill for this assessment year. This joining of the multiple lots, half lots, quater lots and so on will benefit you the ratepayer in what should be a smaller tax bill, and only 'ONE' bill as opposed to receiving multiple tax bills. Council will have to wait and see what transpires with the assessments before making a judgement on taxes for 2017, but council's goal will be to keep any tax increase as small as possible for this upcoming year.

11. Question:

Why is there interest on water bills?


All utility bills, whether it is power, heating, your visa or mastercard, or any company or business will charge interest on OVERDUE accounts. This is a standard business practice, and the village in essence is a business. To avoid any interest on your water bills pay it before the due date and there will not be any interest charged. If you would like to make payments on your water bill monthly as opposed to one lump sum when the bills are processed, the village has set up direct payments with many financial institutions and this could be one way you can help alleviate the stress of finding the whole amount at once. Simply come on in to the village office during business hours and the ladies will gladly help explain how this works and to help make your payments that much easier.

12. Question?

Is there an emergency fund for unforseen breakdown's or other issues?


Council in every budget year tries its best to 'budget' for any unforseen circumstance that might happen within the village. At times several situations may arise that council will have to 'adjust the budget' to cover its cost. That could mean something may have to be postponed, or budgeted money moved from another cost to cover the new cost. Council does its absolute best to make sure everything balances at the end of the year so that like any other business, it books never go into the RED.

The Village of Theodore town council is endeavoring to communicate as best as possible to the residents of Theodore. This has not always been the case in the past and we are trying to change that. Hopefully by providing as much as information as possible, it will keep rumours to a minimum and show that council is not hiding anything from residents.