Theodore Buffalo's - Triangle Hockey League

Game On! Time to get down to business!

Make it a night out at the game and check out the action!

The Buffalo's put together a good team year in, year out and always provide entertaining hockey

Grab a bite at the game, or beverage and watch them put the puck in the net

Sit upstairs and in the bar and get the best view in the house

A long tradition of Hockey in Theodore showcased by the banners over center ice

Whether it's a goal, or penalty, the buffalo's are a part of Theodore history

Game on!

If you'd like to watch the game out in the arena, find a seat and take it in with heaters to keep you comfortable

At Home and it's time to cheer

One of many momento's in the lobby, with signatures galore! Take a look next time you're in for the game!

Long time fan Vi Bilokreli was awarded a Buffalo Jersey to show their appreciation for her long time support of her favorite hockey team

The 2017 Edition of the Theodore Buffalo's consist of: Coach Dick Onslow / Assistant Norm Garbutt / Manager John Simpson

Players: Kevin Dziakuck (goalie) - Ryan Palchewich (goalie)

On Defence:Colby Onslow - Kolt Konan - Kurtis Decker - Josh Garbutt - Korwin Shewchuk - John Neibrandt - Chris McAllister

Forwards: Brendan Madsen - Logan Calanchie - Brandon Binkley - Jeremy Johnson - Tanner Lesann - Zack Boos - Bret Peppler - Morgan Salkeld - Riley Stefanyshyn - Cody Zubko - Justin Poirier - Derrick Schwartz

*Theodore Buffalo Schedule: Playoffs are officially over for another year. While they failed to win the league title, bowing to Rocanville they did however win big in Provincials! The Theodore Buffalos are Saskatchewan Provincial 'C' champs after they outlasted the Drake Canucks! Congrat's the Buffs for their big win and first Provincial title! We'll see you all again next year!

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