Theodore and District Recreation Board

Meet the Recreation Board!

Chairperson - Norman Thompson

1st Vice chairperson - Jerald Sperling.... 2nd Vice Chairperson - Alison Norberg.... Secretary - Melissa Turner.... Treasurer - Betty Baranesky.... Reporter - Kylee Burton

Other members include: Kristina Roebuck.... Colleen Bilokreli....Dorothee Foerster....

The Theodore and District Rec. Board has been around for many years, and have always been there to support Theodore in assorted fundraising events and donations to Village projects. The Board could always use a few new volunteers to help share the workload, if you think you could spare some time, drop in on a meeting some time and see if it's something you'd like to be a part of.

Theodore Super Swamper August 2016

Theodore Harvest Auction - Before the Auction takes place a terrific Meal is served and then it's time to bid!

A lot of money can be raised from various items put up for auction! There are always a lot of items ranging from pictures to benches to you name it!

The Harvest Auction is always a successful fundraiser event and is always well attended!

Community Christmas Party on Dec.4th 2016 with the Steve Gibson Band performing!

A fantastic meal was served before the band hit the stage and everyone enjoyed the feast!

It was a chance to relax, visit and enjoy the company of friends and co-workers!

Spencer Fuches and Bryce Wahlstrom - Oliv catering duo catered the Christmas meal with great reviews!

The Crop Venture began in 2008 by a group. Individuals who have volunteered their time, and equipment to plant, and harvest.

A huge thank you to Scott Bilokreli, Blake Frederickson, Garnet Hansen, Dwayne Kitzan, Kelly Minken, Dryw Onslow, Matt & Kristina Roebuck & Jerald Sperling

The Crop venture purpose is to help balance the Buffaloes Budget and it operates on Donations and Community support, individuals & businesses

A special thank you to Vi Bilokreli who allows the board to rent the land for the Crop Ventures Program

Theodore Super Swamper is back! August 18 & 19th! Truck and ATV Mud Flings @ the Theodore Recreation Grounds, Main Street East! Admission: $12 - Adults, $6 - 12 and under, 6 and under FREE!

Friday Aug. 18th Features: Weiner Roast Supper - Blue Collar Car Show - Local Bands and Entertainment - Beer Gardens - Best Dressed for Most Patriotic & FIREWORKS!

New this year "Theodore's Got Talent" on Fri. Aug. 18th! We are looking for singers, musicians, & dancers! Singles, or groups! It's not a competition but come on out and show off your talent and have fun! Call Betty to enter @ 1-306-647-2177

Saturday Aug. 18th the Mud Flings! Registration 8am - 11am. Flings begin at 12noon. Street stock, Modified stock, Open stock, Super stock. For more info call Mike @ 1-306-621-5906

2017 will likely see the return of everyone's favorites: The Harvest Auction in November. Stay tuned for details as the map for the year gets set so you can plan ahead and make plans to attend!

Look for the Theodore Recreation Board page on Facebook which is updated regularly! Click on the Link to take you to the page directly.

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