Theodore and area

Theodore Historical museum

Orignally located alongside the railroad back in the day, it has since been moved to the entrance of the village and is the local museum. The Theodore Historical Museum is located in a rare type of CPR station of the PRATT design. Built in 1902, the station now houses artifacts from the community and area, as well as items of general historical value.

The Theodore Museum Revitalization project has begun under the direction of Bruce Frederickson. Essentially the plan is to develop the front room of the building including the kitchen area into a type of community drop in center. The room at the north end of the museum wojuld be reserved exclusively for the museum artifacts. The full basement area would be developed into a community recreation area which would include pool tables, shuffle board, ping pong tables etc. We will need volunteers for almost everything in every facet of this project. Those who can paint, artistry, calligraphy, artifact restoration, preparing word documents, making displays, welding and fabrication, printing and laminating to name a few.
Tentative floor plans will be on display at the museum for those who wish to view them in more detail. All donations of labor and money will be publicly acknowledged on a main board in the museum. All donations over $20 will be issued a tax deductible receipt. If you want to be a part of restoring history -
Contact Bruce at:
(306) 621-1276

Theodore Museum Reno Progress

These pictures show the museum renovations to the end of March 2022. This work represents about 900 hours of volunteer labor, 600 hours for myself and 300 hours for the paint crew consisting of, Joan Jest, Cindy Schmelinsky and Annetta Westerhaug, all of Theodore. This has only been possible due to the many private donors who have so generously donated funds for this restoration project. If you would like to contribute a tax deductible donation to this worthy cause please contact the Village Office at (306) 647-2315. I would recommend that you designate whether you want your funds to go towards building maintenance and repair or to the current project which involves the interior renovations and the artifact restorations.
Bruce Frederickson
Project Manager

Theodore Museum Restoration Project -
The restoration work on the window and door casings has been completed and now we are working on the baseboards. These baseboards are nothing like the modern ones used in present day homes, but are 1” x 8” clear fir. Removing them without damaging them was next to impossible, as some of them split longitudinally in as many as 2 or 3 locations. With the wood being 120 years old and many of them were nailed with 3 inch finishing nails, 3 nails spaced about a foot apart, this presented quite a challenge. To repair them we had to drill holes in several locations across the 8” depth. Drill bits had to be lubricated for every hole as the wood is so hard and dense that the drill bit would smoke and burn from the friction. We had to do the same when we installed the 4 inch screws so that they didn’t strip or break off. After that the surface was given a light sanding to roughen the varnished finish. Then the holes were repaired with filler and then spot sanded. After that they receive a coat of primer and then 2 coats of paint before being reinstalled on the perimeter of the walls. In an effort to keep it as original as possible we are restoring all the door and window hardware. Next on the list will be the restoration of the original CPR artifacts including the railroad crossing sign, the signal arms and the original wooden bench from the station waiting room.

Thank you to following Donors who have helped keep this project going:
* Oct. - Dec./2021 - Ralph Urban, Grant Frederickson, Bruce & Diane Frederickson
Anonymous, Betty Karpiuk

* Jan. - Mar. 2022 - Isabell Reznik, Ann Crawford, Ralph Urban, Alvin Hornstein,
Lloyd & Marion Ockochinski


WHITESAND REGIONAL PARK is now CLOSED for the season! - Click on the online link below for more information
Whitesand Regional Park is located alongside the shores of the Whitesand River.
Day - $6
3 day - $15
Season - $45
Call the office for camping fees / golf fees and any other information/ booking campsites: 306-272-7939 OR email
Disc Golf! An 18 target disc golf course was added to the existing golf course! Regular golfers have the right of way since they tend to hit farther. There are marked trees and red targets throughout the course. Three discs are used for play, a driver disc, midrange disc and a putter disc. They are available at the park office for use (with a deposit of $60) Once the discs are returned you are refunded the $60. Check it out!
Mini Golf is back! The mini golf course has been refurbished and ready for game time! Drop in and play a round when you get the chance! Only $2 for a round of mini golf!

**HIKING TRAIL*** It encircles the entire park and is a great way to get some exercise and some great views of the outdoors! Be sure to check it out this year!
There are electrical well-treed campsites, and non-electrical sites, group camping and picnic area, Nine hole golf course, firewood, playground, showers, ice, concession, fish filleting facilities, shore fishing boat launch, and fishing licenses.
VISIT THE WHITESAND PARK ONLINE - click on the link below



Located in Yorkton just off the Yellowhead Highway (Highway 16A West) - Open January to March: 9am - 5pm Tues to Fri....12 -5pm Weekends
Open June 20th to Aug 12 - 9am to 5pm daily.... August 13 - Dec: 9am - 5pm Mon to Fri


Good Spirit Provincial Park is a popular camp grounds that offers many great facilities for campers and visitors!
Located half an hour northwest of Yorkton off Highway #229


Located in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, on Treaty 4 territory, the Godfrey Dean Art Gallery provides opportunities for engagement with the arts through exhibitions, workshops, classes, and events.