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Theodore Free Press

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The Theodore Free Press
egan with help from the Parkland College in Yorkton back in November 1980. After a few years the College stopped and the group from Theodore took it over. It's now 35 years later and the paper is still going strong with help from the volunteers and donations to keep it in print. Not bad for a village of under of 400 people! A subscription to the Free Press is $20.
On the day it gets put together and into print, a lot of fine tuning is done as it's compiled article by article. When it's all said and done, 1,285 copies are either delivered to the local post office or sent out to nearby communities and to various points across Canada to subscribers and even a few head south into the U.S.
Once the printing is done it's time to put the pages together and trust me when I say it takes a full team effort to get it done! The volunteers begin around 8am and could run as late as 5 - 6pm depending on the size of the issue. With more help it takes less time. The paper gets pieced together on the 1st week of the month so maybe perhaps if you'd like to lend a hand one of these times, even if it's for 30 min., let Betty know @ (306)647-2177

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