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Theodore Hall & Rec Complex

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The Theodore Community Hall suitable for all types of events and parties! We have got the facilities for your perfect Wedding or Anniversary! Maybe a trade show, a birthday party or a meeting, seminar, banquets, Reunions, dances, Fundraisers or even a Movie Night!

The Hall has seating up to 350 people and is fully equipped with a Modern Kitchen, Raised stage area, Sound system, Air Conditioning, Coatroom, A separate Bar room and is Wheelchair accessible with an elevator on the premises and of course, Plenty of Free Parking!
*Lots of room in the hall that overlooks the arena surface! Fantastic view of every hockey game!
*There is a raised stage area at one end of the hall for any DJ set up or as a focal point for your guest speakers, with a sound system
*There are Bar facilities separate for your guests and a coat room for all the coats to keep things organized
*The hall can host seminars, reunions, any sort of fundraiser or can be included in your rental of the ice surface for any hockey tournament (Call the Village Office for details)
**Affordable rates compared to other centers and equal to any hall facility in the region, if not better!
*Fully modern kitchen facilities for any function and the kitchen is full size and ready for the workload
*The hall has seating for up to 350 people and plenty of room for dancing, or mingling. It is fully modern and clean and ready for your event
*If you need a smaller center for your meeting, the Curling rink sitting area is available as well!
*Call for a tour to see it for yourself.

It would be PERFECT for your next function.

Call the Village Office for rental fees and to book the Community Hall or Ice Time at the arena during weekday business hours Mon - Fri 9am-12noon 1pm-4pm at (306)647-2315

Remax Arena
The Remax Arena is busy all winter with a variety of groups! You will have your usual hockey practice for several teams or minor hockey groups and then of course figure skating or if you are up for it, lace up your own skates and enjoy a casual outing of public skating.
*Artificial Ice in a facility that outdistances many small town arena's
*To book some ice time just call the Village Office during business hours Mon - Fri 9am -4pm at (306) 647-2315
*A spacious lobby to relax in comfortably warm while you watch your favorite game or event
*A canteen to satisfy your hunger or thirst during the game or practice!
*Facilities in the dressing rooms, including a shower
*Updated and modern dressing rooms for games and practices
*Read up on the history of the arena while at the game/practice. See where it all began to where it is today.

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