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The Mayor Weekly Update

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Hi There!
Each week I will endeavor to post some of the activities that have taken place in the village to keep you updated on what's going on so you aren't caught off guard by something out of the ordinary!       Sincerely, Mayor Kevin Urbanoski
For week May 26 - June 1st:
- We've set a date for the upcoming candidate forum (June 12 @ 7pm) - I will be there as well to meet and greet with everyone!
- Town crew members Dwayne and Jeff have begun an experiment on the entrance road into Theoodre with a 'oil and sand '  sealing process.  If it works as anticipated, we can expand to other roads within the village!  While it is not 'asphalt' it will hopefully be the next best thing to having fully 'paved' roads (and more cost effective) within town limits and in turn - decrease dust, improved cosmetic image and an overall smoother drive in.  A few other areas are being treated for dust control with magnesium chloride.
- The Spring cleanup program has been completed.
- The Water and Sewer line flushing program went well, with no major concerns!
- The Generator at the water plant has been closed in to protect it from the elements and with a few modifications, and paint that project will be fully completed and adds another element to our emergency preparedness.
- Machinery maintenance has been done to get everything ready for the summer months ahead.

Week of June 2 - 8
- The town crew (Dwayne and Jeff) continued their "Sand Sealing" process but ran into difficulties with the pump system and the old product. It has been set aside for the time being but will resume as soon as theyr'e able.
-Grass cutting and trimming is nearly complete and will be ongoing as needed.
-The Magnesium Chloride on Main Street is holding up reasonably well and the guys will be doing another application for better dust control.  They will keep an eye on Main street to make sure it's maintained
-There has been work on Grading Railway Ave for prepping to do dust control there next and Back Blading the alleys to smooth out the pot holes.
-Town Administrator Lyndon had been away at a conference for the week but will be back in the office on June 10th.
-Upcoming Candidates forum has been adverstised in the local paper and throughout town - Set for WED June 12th @ 7pm in the community hall

Week of June 9 - 15
- The Candidates forum on Wed. June 12, was well attended and everyone had the chance to ask their questions and to meet the 3 candidates vying for the two vacant councillor positions. The By-Election is June 26th, and the ADVANCE Voting takes place on June 22nd  1- 4pm at the Village office - if you are unable to make it in for the 26th be sure to get in to cast your vote on the 22nd.
- The Provincial Gov't have instructed the village to drain and backfill the old landfill site.  They would like it completed by fall if at all possible.  Draining the landfill has begun but this process of draining and then backfilling is going to take some time to complete because of the work involved in this project.  
-Dust Control was started on Railway Ave.  Two coats of Magnesium Chloride were put down and will be monitored to see if anymore is needed.
-Grass cutting is continuing: Empty lots / ditches and other open areas that the Village is responsible for.

Week of June 16 - 22
-Council reconvened on Wed. (June 19).  A lot of material was covered due to the length of time from the last council meeting.
A few key notes from council mtg: 2019 Budget was passed - Council has regrettably accepted the resignation from Terry Lastiwka as Fire Chief for the Village of Theodore, effective June 10. - Also at our June 19th council meeting, council appointed Jeffrey Mackay as our new Fire chief for the Village of Theodore.
*More information on the council meeting will be in the minutes that will be passed at the next Council Meeting July 17th and will be posted on this website at that time.
-Advance poll for the by-election was held on Saturday (22nd) from 1-4pm
-The town crew were busy filling in Pot Holes with cold mix and were able to get to the worst areas of concern.  Repairs are ongoing.


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